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Making Choices About Banded/Zebra Shades for Your Calgary Home

Banded zebra shades

Calgary Blinds and Shutters works with local clients each day to create the perfect window treatments, and banded shades are a popular option. We feel it’s essential for homeowners to know more about all of their options before making the final decision. You should feel confident in your decision making and love the outcome of your choice for years to come.

We know firsthand that homeowners that have banded shades know they’ve made the right choice. After weighing each option's pros and cons, banded or zebra shades are a great window covering.

All you have to do right now is contact our team of industry experts to get a quote or schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you and helping you see why these shades are the ideal fit for your home.

Are Banded Shades Right for Your Household?

Banded Shades, also referred to as dual, layered, and zebra shades, have become a popular window dressing form. Unlike other traditional shades, this type of window covering has alternating sheer and light-blocking bands. This unique design enables you, the homeowner, to opt for filtered natural light or room darkening options.

These shades are relatively new in the world of window treatments, especially for Canadian consumers. Within the past decade, banded shades became available here and have become increasingly popular over time.

Whether you’re interested in these shades because of the aesthetics, the flexibility, or both, you owe it to yourself to consider this an option. Savvy homeowners and consumers realize the value of getting informed to make the most logical choice.

Learning About the Benefits of Zebra Shades

The real question is - Are Zebra Shades the right choice for you? Let’s review some of the benefits you can enjoy by adding these blinds to your household.

  • Anti-Static so shades won’t collect dust, which means less cleaning
  • Perfect for homes with allergy sufferers
  • An attractive and sleek profile
  • Plenty of fabric finish options for both light and dark bands
  • Privacy even with sheer layers

While Zebra Shades don’t offer the noise reduction feature, other choices for window shades do; they come with plenty of other advantages. They’re affordable, durable, and offer the privacy you want for you and your family. Make the call today to Calgary Blinds and Shutters, and let’s help determine if banded shades are the window treatment you’re looking for inside your Calgary home.

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